September 25, 2022

We love the Ford Maverick. The compact pickup is capable. It’s versatile. As the cheapest hybrid vehicle on sale in America, it offers one of the car market’s most compelling value propositions. And it’s far more fun than Ford’s EcoSport crossover. The Maverick was a no-brainer for our GP100 and Best Cars You Can Buy in 2022 lists.

The Maverick’s one problem has been being able to buy one. Ford had to shut down new orders late last year. Orders just opened back up for the 2023 model year. And it appears Ford will already need to shut them down again.

Ford Authority reports that 2023 model year Maverick orders will shut down by the end of this week. A dealer bulletin leak on Maverick Truck Club, if accurate, suggests that ordering could close down even sooner, with hybrid Maverick orders shutting down on Sept. 20 and gas Maverick orders following suit on Sept. 21. The bulletin also notes that Ford will not be rolling 2023 MY orders into 2024 if the truck doesn’t get built.

Supply chain constraints are rampant throughout the industry. So the Maverick situation is not entirely Ford’s fault. Nonetheless, the ordering delays still take the shine off what should be the ultimate affordable vehicle.

It’s one thing for customers to face a long wait for a specialist enthusiast vehicle. Someone ordering a Bronco Raptor can afford to wait and likely has other means of personal transport. But the buyer who could take advantage of the value and utility the Maverick offers under $25,000 is also the person who likely can’t put an order down in September and wait 9-12 months for a new car that Ford may be able to build in the next calendar year.

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