September 25, 2022

Can’t decide between a black or white dial field watch? Now you don’t have to. Taking a page from the pizza playbook, like ordering half-Hawaiian, half anchovies, Timex’s latest watch collaboration with menswear brand Todd Snyder gives you the best of both worlds — or, at least, it gives you an eye-catching look on the wrist for the price of, well, a quartz Timex.

The Mk1 is a staple for the two brands that seems to make for a hit in just about every iteration that results from this productive partnership. It owes a lot to the basic field watch design that’s based on “disposable” watch made for the military in the early 1980s. While that historical watch was made of plastic, modern ones are made of metal, with the new models in 40mm of stainless steel.

The half-black, half-white dial might not be a practical design in terms of legibility, but it could be understood that white represents daylight hours and black, nighttime. It’ll stand out on the wrist, that’s for sure — and legibility won’t be too bad, as there should be sufficient contrast wherever the hands happen to point.

Rendered in contrasting colors, even the Timex logo and 12 and 6 o’clock indices are bisected to remain readable on both sides of the divide, as is the British military’s “broad arrow” symbol. And despite being called the Mk1 Black & White, this is no monochromatic dial: it’s enlivened by an orange seconds hand and inner hour track for military time. These would perhaps be the red pepper flakes in the pizza analogy, but Todd Snyder likens the design to a New York black and white cookie.

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With wearable dimensions, a cool nylon NATO strap and an why-not price, this is yet another fun homerun from the Timex x Todd Snyder team. With a quartz movement, 50mm of water resistance and costing only $138 at Todd Snyder, it’s a slice of style that’s easy to just grab.