October 4, 2022

Victrola is probably best known for its very affordable all-in-one turntables that look like suitcases and you can buy from pretty mainstream retailers like Urban Outfitters, Target, Kohl’s and Walmart. Well…the company’s latest turntable in nothing like those.

The Victrola Stream Carbon is a gorgeous and high-end turntable that costs $799 — it’s actually the most expensive turntable that Victrola now sells. The real beauty of it, however, is that it was designed in collaboration with Sonos and, for the first time ever in a turntable, it allows you to stream your vinyl records over Wi-Fi directly to your existing Sonos system — there’s no extra components you need to buy.

The Victrola Stream Carbon is the first turntable that you can natively discover in the Sonos app. Simply group it with the Sonos speakers you want it to stream to and — boom — you’re grooving.


If you previously wanted to integrate a turntable into your Sonos setup, you needed to finesse it. Your turntable needed to have built-in preamp or, if it didn’t, you needed to buy an external one. Then you could connect it directly to Five or Play:5 speaker, which are the only Sonos speakers that have a line-in connection. You could also use Sonos’s Amp or Port. Either way, it was pretty expensive and complicated.

The Victrola Stream Carbon moves all that complexity. It’s the first turntable that’s natively discoverable in the Sonos app. You simply set it up and plug it in, and then group it via the Sonos app with the speakers you want it to play with. Boom, done.

Aside from the easy Sonos integration, the Victrola Stream Carbon is quite the handsome fellow. It has a low-resonance veneered MDF plinth, premium metal components (including a carbon fiber tonearm) and, uniquely, a large volume knob that glows in the dark. The turntable is a manual belt-driven turntable that supports two speeds (33 1/3 and 45 rpm) and comes decked out with high-end Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.

The Victrola Stream Carbon is available for preorder today and will be more widely available in October.