January 31, 2023

Last year (2022), Loftie quietly released its aptly-named Loftie Lamp. And while it wasn’t exactly an internet-breaking unveiling, we fell in love with it at Gear Patrol. In fact, we were so impressed and enamored with this sunlight-mimicking smart lamp, that it made the GP100 list — our carefully-curated collection of the top 100 product releases of the year. Now, it’s caught our eye again because, in rare fashion, it has actually gone on sale for a respectable 25 percent off.

So what makes the Loftie Lamp special? Yes, smart lamps and bulbs already exist and have for some time. And yes, the Loftie Lamp does a lot of the same things you’d expect to find — it can gently illuminate in the mornings to wake you up more slowly and naturally and can help lull you to sleep by slowly lowering the light at the end of the day. And, of course, it offers a wide array of customizable lighting modes and colors. But what really makes it stand out (besides its respectable array of smart features) is that it looks frankly outstanding. Truly, it might be the best-looking smart lamp on the market right now and for the foreseeable future.

We don’t know how long it will be on sale, but we surmise it won’t last for long. So if you were thinking about a bedroom upgrade, you might want to jump on this one while you can. It’s still an investment at $206 (down from $275), but it’s not one you’ll regret.

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