October 4, 2022


Every dog loves its dog bed (if you’ve weaned them off the couch, that is). It is important for them to have a place that is their own, a place where they can be comfortable without being shooed away every time someone wants to sit down. When it comes to hitting the road and taking your dog on an adventure in the car, the same thing stands. Many dogs get nervous in the car, spend the whole ride sliding all over the place or try to sit on your lap before you leave the driveway. (Weird how every dog thinks it’s a lap dog once you get on four wheels.) This means a pleasant, cozy spot for them to feel safe is imperative to having a successful road trip with your best friend. Luckily, dog beds for cars do exist and they’re just as comfortable as their bed at home, but they do something even more important: they keep your dog safe.

We dug around to find a few of the best dog beds for cars and round them up here so that you can be sure your pooch, and you, are at ease every time you go for a drive. Some of them zip close and are good for any journey and some are actually just a simple harness that lets the more adventurous pup sit comfortably next to their favorite human. Either way, pack your dog’s adventure gear, leash and dog jacket; this adventure is about to get exciting.

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What to Look For

Seatbelt Contact Points: Each dog bed attaches (or doesn’t attach) to your car’s seatbelt differently. In some cases, the dog beds are made to fit into your car like a car seat, where they’ll likely remain for a while thanks to a more intensive installation process. Others are more traditional dog carriers that will nestle into your seat like a backpack would. Be cognizant of the size of your dog when buying to make sure you get a dog bed that fits your car and riders’ needs.

Versatility: Some beds on our list stay in your car more permanently, while others can be toted around like luggage. This will likely depend on the type of dog you have, but be sure to determine what exactly you’ll be using the bed for — do you want to leave it in the car or do you need the bed to be mobile?

The Best Dog Beds for Cars

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Best Bucket Dog Car Seat


Kurgo Rover Booster Dog Car Seat with Seat Belt Tether

Best Rear Facing Dog Bed for Cars


PupSaver Booster Car Seat

Best Looking Pet Carrier

Wild One

Wild One Travel Carrier

Best for Miniature Dogs (or Cats)


Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Best for Dogs Who Don’t Want to Be Tied Down


Orvis Grip-Tight Windowed Hammock Seat Protector

Best Upscale Dog Carrier


Away Pet Carrier

Best Dog Harness for Cars


Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Crash-Tested Dog Harness

The Best Dog Beds for Every Dog

Give your furry four-legged friend(s) a proper place to rest, just like you would any other family member.


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