September 25, 2022

How we recover from a workout — or just the daily grind — is always changing, and thus, the products we use in those moments of relief should update as well. New tech, simplified use, convenient features and more can make recovery a more approachable addition to your routine. And plus, who doesn’t like the latest and greatest fitness devices?

As one of the leaders in the wellness space, Therabody is showcasing that idea of advancement in a big way. The makers of some of the best massage guns on the market and other leading recovery tools are giving the category a fresh face today with updates to two of the brand’s most popular products, as well as the unveiling of a new device altogether. Both the Theragun PRO and Theragun Mini have been revamped with key features and upgrades, while the all-new SmartGoggles mark Therabody’s first experience in wearable tech.

Here’s what you need to know about these new and updated tools for luxe recovery sessions.


The Theragun PRO is smarter and quieter

As one of the brand’s flagship recovery tools, the Theragun PRO is Therabody’s premium massage gun with its adjustable head, bevy of attachments, Bluetooth connectivity and easily-recognizable ergonomic triangle shape. The powerful motor has always been a positive note in the PRO’s makeup, but previous generations have suffered from one dilemma — noise. Therabody listened to these remarks with this fifth generation massage gun, unveiling an all-new PRO EQ150 motor designed to cut noise by 20% while still delivering superior power and stall force.

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The fifth generation Theragun PRO is not just quieter than it’s predecessors, but also easier to read thanks to a new high-res OLED screen at the handle. This display showcases targeted areas more conveniently than past massage guns, and includes four convenient routines built into the device itself — Sleep, Warm Up, Recovery and Theragun Break. Of course, you’re still able to pair your device to the companion app for more guided routines, but these convenient sessions make picking up the device for quick relief a lot more convenient.

Outside of the massage gun itself, Therabody also updated the included attachments swapping the Cone head for a new Micropoint that’s designed for direct contact with the skin to help stimulate circulation. Additionally, the Lithium-ion battery is now USB-C, allowing for faster charging and less time in-between routines. Therabody also revamped the carrying case with sustainability in mind, opting for a soft case that uses 85% less plastic than its predecessors. The soft tote takes up less space than the previous PRO case, which makes storage easier as well.

man using a therabody tool


On-the-go recovery becomes more convenient with the upcoming Theragun Mini 2.0

While the Pro is the luxe tool for any massage gun practice, it can still be a bit of a burden to tote around. On the opposite end of the size spectrum, the Theragun Mini is a great travel companion, offering lightweight yet powerful relief in a silhouette that fits in the palm of your hand. While the previous iteration was convenient enough, Therabody upped the ante with the soon-to-be-released Mini 2.0, shrinking the profile by 20%, dropping the weight by 30% and still not compromising on the quality massage potential. At just one pound, the powerful Theragun Mini 2.0 fits easily in a gym bag, purse or backpack, giving you the keys to relief wherever you roam.

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Therabody has also redefined what “on-the-go relief” entails with this upcoming Mini 2.0, now offering Bluetooth compatibility for access to custom, guided wellness routines — a first for the device platform. Also, the brand includes three available attachments as opposed to one in previous offerings, so athletes now have access to the Standard Ball, Dampener and Thumb attachments from the jump for more treatment variety. According to the brand, the Theragun Mini will be released later this fall.

man laying with a therabody mask on his face


Therabody’s SmartGoggles wed relaxation and relief

Sure, it’s nice to see fan-favorite devices get some upgrades, but a brand-new silhouette is plenty enticing, too. Therabody’s first wearable technology, SmartGoggles, target the eyes and head to help alleviate facial tension, relieve eye strain, decrease headache intensity and relax the mind for improved sleep. This all-new silhouette utilizes heat, vibration and massage modalities to provide relieving benefits, similar to the TheraFace PRO, but according to the brand, this all-new tool can really enhance relaxation when paired with all-new tech.

Outside of the Focus and Sleep modes already built into the SmartGoggles, this new Therabody wearable also boasts a SmartRelax modality, which is a category exclusive mode scientifically designed to help slow your heart rate. This modality is powered by Therabody’s SmartSense Technology and uses an integrated sensor to measure your BPM for a personalized, relaxing experience for reduced stress and anxiety.

Therabody states the SmartGoggles are also enhanced when paired with the brand’s TheraMind app, another new release launching today. TheraMind utilizes the benefits of multi-sensory sound therapy, providing relief to help you focus, relax and fall asleep through the power of the brand’s composer-created sound therapy tracks. TheraMind is an exclusive through the Therabody app and can be a great way to boost the experience with this all-new wearable.

Therabody has more in store

The brand also unveiled even more recovery tools today, including the TheraCup — a three-in-one device combining heat and vibration treatments with at-home cupping modalities — the RecoveryTherm stable — heat and vibration therapy for the back, core and knee (the knee device will also offer cold therapy) — and the Therabody Lounger — a sound and vibration chair offering full-body relaxation in a sleek piece of premium furniture.

Starting now, you’re able to shop all of Therabody’s releases, including the Gen 5 Theragun PRO and SmartGoggles. You’re also able to sign up to be notified when the Theragun Mini 2.0 reaches shelves. Recovery plays a major part in your overall well-being. Take your levels up a notch with the latest and greatest from one of the space’s most trusted brands.