September 25, 2022


On rainy, wet days, protective boots are a necessity. There are varying levels of style, price and lower-leg coverage, but one thing remains constant among these sturdy stompers: They’ll get you from A to B safe and dry.

All of them come with grippy, hearty outsoles that are designed to be totally waterproof. Uppers and liners vary by style, so consider your climate (and whether they need to be insulated or not) and your usage. Then, slip ’em on and go out into the world without fretting the wet.

What to Look for in Rain Boots

The best rain boots come with a single upper mounted to a hearty, traction-focused outsole. In order for your feet to stay dry, the rain needs to be repelled or sealed off. Slip-on boots with single-piece uppers have less access points. Those with laces leave room for droplets to access through the spaces between the tongue and the liner, making wet feet a little more likely. But, don’t stress it if that’s the look you like. You’ll find that lace-up rain boots are less common, and Chelsea versions prove most abundant. No one wants to untie wet laces either, especially it’s cold out.

If it’s wet outside you’ll want boots with better traction than those you’d wear to a wedding, for example. Steer clear of flat-bottomed ones, or ones with crepe or wedge soles. Those will only work if they’ve been edged or grooved; Red Wing’s Gore-Tex Moc Boots, for example, come with a “Traction Tred” outsole (horizontal squiggles that stick to slick surfaces). Speaking of materials, alterations like adding a Gore-Tex membrane can waterproof even leather boots. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to rubber. It’s impenetrable, meaning you can wipe rubber boots dry when you take them off.

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The Best Rain Boots for Men

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    Best Overall Rain Boots

    Baxter Wood White Sole Hevea Chelsea Boots

    Best Upgrade Rain Boots

    Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Gore-Tex

    Best Affordable Rain Boots

    Bogs Sauvie Waterproof Chelsea Boot

    Best All-Day Rain Boot

    All-Weather Chore Boot

    Best Work Rain Boots

    Xtratuf 6-inch Legacy Chelsea Boot

    Best Non-Slip Rain Boots

    Swims Charlie Rain Boot

    Best Tall Rain Boots

    Merry People Darcy Mid Calf Rainboot

    Best Combat Rain Boots

    Sorel Caribou Storm Waterproof Nubuck Combat Boots

    Best Short Rain Boot

    Hunter Waterproof Chelsea Rain Boot

    Best Classic Rain Boots

    L.L. Bean Bean Boots

    Best $100 Rain Boots

    Seavees Bolinas Boot

    Best Elevated Rain Boots

    UGG Gatson Chelsea

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