January 31, 2023

Jump-starting cars has always been a bit of a hair-raising experience. Whenever I do it, I’m a nervous wreck, paralyzed with fear that I’ll booger up the connection somehow and blow up both cars in the process.

That’s never happened, of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that electricity can be a scary thing. Then there are the logistical challenges: jump-starting can be a tricky proposition in tight quarters or a drawn-out ordeal if you have to find someone to give you a jump in East Zombieville at two in the morning.

Of course, there are better solutions. The best portable jump starters you can buy in 2022 are years beyond those past heavy contraptions that looked suspiciously like, well, car batteries. They’re now sleek, computer-regulated lithium-ion gadgets that can fit discreetly in your trunk (or even your glove box, in some cases). They can even be used in a pinch to charge your mobile electronics.

Though dead batteries feel like increasingly rare occurrences with modern cars, they do still happen. Even if it’s not your car that goes terminals-up at a freeway rest stop, it’s always worth carrying a portable jump starter so you can be the Good Samaritan someday.

With that in mind, we sought out the best portable jump-starters, listed below. Keep in mind when considering one that the battery’s ability to start a car is dependent upon many factors, including the size of the engine, the state of the vehicle’s battery, whether the car’s starter is a more recent and therefore more efficient model — and, lastly, the amperage of the jumper battery itself.

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Terms to Know

Amperage rating: The amperage rating ranges between 150 to 450 cold-cranking amps (CCA), though that number isn’t always available in the product’s specifications. Instead, the number might just be delivered as “peak amps” or “cranking amps,” and the company will state how large an engine it should be able to start.

Battery capacity: The battery’s capacity, measured in mAh, merely reflects how many times it can be used before needing a recharge, not its inherent ability to start the engine in the first place. Capacity is actually more helpful if you plan on using the battery for other things, like operating electronics or charging mobile devices.

Reverse-polarity protection: Another quality to look for is reverse-polarity protection, which will provide visual and possibly acoustic alerts if you accidentally place the clamps on the wrong terminals — and they won’t give the power until you do.

Dead Battery: Make sure you know why your battery drained in the first place. If it’s because you left the lights on all night or otherwise drained the battery in an obvious, known fashion, the car’s alternator should be able to restore charge to the battery once you get going. But if you’re unsure why the battery died, have your mechanic look at your car to make sure the battery is being correctly charged — or can retain its charge normally.

Lithium-ion vs. Lead-Acid Jump Starters

There are two broad types of portable jump starters, lithium-ion and lead-acid. Lithium-ion is the more advanced battery technology. Lithium-ion chargers are smaller, lighter and, consequently, a lot more portable than lead-acid chargers. Lithium-ion chargers hold their charge longer and are easier to recharge. They will be the typical choice for most car owners.

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Lead-acid batteries are bulkier and heavier than Lithium-ion chargers and, thus, less portable. Typically, you would keep them for heavy-duty use with large trucks or commercial vehicles or home and garage use. One advantage to the lead-acid jump starter is that they can come equipped with other useful features, such as an air compressor.

The Best Portable Jump Starters

NOCO GB 40 Boost Plus

NOCO argues that joules are a more appropriate power measure than peak amps since it often takes several seconds for a car to turn over. This one is rated at 7,035 joules (and 1,000 peak amps, for good measure). It’ll jump a car 20 times on a single charge and hold that charge for a year. (In general, you want to make sure you top off your charge about every six months to be safe.)

Of course, it’ll also jump-start your devices, including two iPhones or 20 Apple Watches.

The Athena

Uncharted Supply Co.’s new, compact car jump starter may be snug enough to fit in your hand, but it packs enough punch to light up a 6.0-liter engine — not just once, but up to 15 times on a single charge. It’s also waterproof, shockproof and dustproof — and even packs a built-in LED flashlight for those late-night jump-starts.

Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Sport

Another key player in the automotive battery world, Antigravity Batteries, produces products ranging from heavy-duty commercial starters to consumer products. The Micro-Start is their entry-level product and includes everything the average driver will need, including reverse-polarity protection and adapters for charging various devices. It’s compact, too, and includes mini-clamps that attach to battery terminals.

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Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged

Mophie is well-known for their innovative, reliable power packs for cell phones, tablets and computers, but they also make external lithium-ion power aids for automobiles. The Powerstation Go Rugged is, as the name suggests, small and tough — and it looks way better than most portable jump starters.

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry

The Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry is a tried-and-true lead-acid portable jump starter option. It’s heavier than a Lithium-ion option, checking in at 18 pounds. But it’s rated for all passenger and light commercial vehicles, and it has super-handy 46-inch cables for reaching all vehicle batteries.

Imazing IM29 Portable Car Jump Starter

Imazing’s portable car jump starter packs enough juice to charge pretty much any passenger vehicle on the road — Dodge SRT Viper excepted — with capacities for 8-liter gas and diesel engines. And it does it while being relatively compact and lightweight and packing helpful features like a three-function LED light.

Scosche Powerup 700 Amp Portable Car Jump Starter

The Scosche Powerup doesn’t have a fancy LCD display. But it can start anything up to a 10-liter gas engine and 7-liter diesel engine while still being lightweight at less than three pounds and small enough to fit into your glove box.