January 31, 2023

Mushrooms are having a moment. And I’m not talking about the kind you eat — or the kind you, ahem, ingest — but rather the kind you use to style your living space. Mushroom-related decor was one of the biggest trends to emerge recently. For Pinterest’s “Pinterest Predicts” 2023 trend forecast, “Mush-Rooms” was one of the top emerging trends for this year, with every generation from Gen Z to Boomers expected to embrace “weirdcore” by looking for ways to insert mushroom-related decor into their homes. Further evidence for this fungal fad comes from Google Shopping also ranked mushroom lamps specifically as one of their top 100 most-in-demand products for the 2022 holiday season, with searches up 50 percent for the year.

If you’re looking to get in on mushroom mania, a classic mushroom lamp — that is, any lamp with the general shape of a mushroom — is the way to go without transforming your pad into a 1970s parody. Here are our picks for the best mushroom lamps to buy.

Artemide Nesso Table Lamp

Arguably the most definitive mushroom lamp, and almost certainly the most frequently knocked off, is the Nesso (and its more affordable little sibling, Nessino). First designed for Artemide by Italian designer Giancarlo Mattioli in 1967, Nesso now belongs in the permanent collection at New York’s iconic Museum of Modern Art. The lamp’s trippy shape is created using injection-molded ABS resin, which was considered revolutionary at the time of its creation. And it still manages to turn heads today.

Hay Pao Portable Lamp

Danish designer brand Hay is churning out some of the most creative and whimsical lighting on the market, and the Pao series is among their most popular. While a pricier glass plug-in table lamp, pendent and even a floor lamp also exist in this style, the standout is this lightweight portable version that allows you to bring its candle-like flame around your home. Surprisingly, its mushroom shape wasn’t inspired by fungus. Rather, Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa based the lamp on the silhouettes of illuminated Mongolian Pao tents.

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Crate & Barrel Joy Clay Table Lamp

In her collaboration with Crate & Barrel, red-hot designer Leanne Ford — who’s also a mom — conceived a bunch of products ostensibly for kids that encourage them to use their imaginations. Among them is this lamp, which is touch-activated and includes three dimmer settings. Available in a handful of fun colors, the lamp is constructed of iron and has a fabric-wrapped cord for stalwart durability.

General Admission Mushroom Lamp

If you’d like your mushroom lamp to be a bit less subtle in showing off its inspiration, then we have this option from the trendsetters over at LA-based General Admission. This orange-glowing ‘shroom is hand-carved in Mexico from two pieces of actual stone. Due to its handmade nature and the differences in the natural material, no two examples of this lamp are exactly alike.

West Elm Mushroom Table Lamp

Leaning even more heavily into magic mushroom territory is this piece, which surprisingly comes from the usually reserved retailer West Elm. Like the General Admission lamp, this one is also handmade, but it’s formed from ceramic in Vietnam rather than cut from stone in Mexico. It’s painted, too, with a gradient blue base and dots on the cap shade. The dots may push this a bit into Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom territory, but if it’s a fantasy vibe you’re after, this is tough to beat.

Gantri Maskor Table Light

On the other end of the spectrum, this effort from Gantri may be stretching the definition of “mushroom lamp” a bit, but if there’s one thing Gantri excels at it’s upending expectations. Designed by Spain-based Muka Design Lab for Gantri and a bestseller for the brand, Maskor’s shade was inspired by the concentric rings of a seashell and gives off a soft, calming light that’s perfect for your nightstand. Like the rest of Gantri’s collection, Maskor is illuminated by a museum-quality LED and 3D-printed in California from a proprietary plant-based material that’s sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

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&Tradition Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp

Alongside the aforementioned Nesso, Verner Panton’s collection of Flowerpot lamps ranks among the most iconic pieces of mushroom-shaped decor you’ll find. Based on the original 1967 that’s become a symbol of both Flower Power and space-age design, this portable version of the Flowerpot Table Lamp from &Tradition is crafted from lightweight polycarbonate and features three dimmer settings that are activated by a tap of the shade. I use this lamp as my desk lamp, and while the light could admittedly be brighter, its iconic design, long-lasting battery life and ability to look great in any space make it a winner in my book.

Honey & Ivy Mooshie Table Lamp

A unique original interpretation of a mushroom silhouette, Honey & Ivy’s Mooshie is sustainably 3D-printed from a plant-based polymer and made to order in Portland, Oregon, just like the rest of the upstart brand’s unique and affordable designs. The lamp requires an LED bulb, which is not included, as an incandescent bulb will be too hot for the material. And once you’re finished with the Mooshie lamp, its body is compostable, meaning it may eventually lead to the growth of actual mushrooms someday. How cool is that?

CB2 Senza White Glass Table Lamp

Some of the most sought-after examples of mushroom lamps are those crafted in Italy of authentic Murano glass in the 1970s. For something offering a similar vibe that’s a bit easier to obtain, we have this piece from CB2 that draws inspiration from the era. Designed by Studio Anansi, which was founded in 2018 by Canadian artist Evan Jerry with the intention of exploring Black culture through contemporary design, the Senza lamp is made entirely of blown glass. It’s illuminated from the bottom, allowing the entire lamp to glow and show off its frosted swirl detailing.

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Gubi Obello Portable Lamp

Mid-century designer Bill Curry created this mushroom-shaped lamp in 1971, taking heavy inspiration from the pop culture of the day. Sadly, Curry passed away the same year before the lamp ever made it into production (or even had a name). Fast-forward five decades to 2022 and Gubi, with help from Curry’s family, finally put the lamp into production. The Obello has a “total look” design that was pioneered by Curry, featuring a single structure of handblown glass for the base and shade. It’s also portable and splash-proof, in case you feel like setting up your own illuminated fairy ring in your backyard.

Ikea Tokabo

For an affordable take on a mushroom lamp, Ikea can’t be beat. The Swedish furniture giant’s Tokabo is an adorable table lamp with a single-piece frosted glass shade sitting atop a thin polypropylene base. Designed by Iina Vuorivirta for Ikea, the lamp measures just 6″ tall by 5″ across, meaning it’ll fit just about anywhere in your home. Our tester has it in his child’s bedroom and has found it to be incredibly durable, having survived a number of knocks and falls to the floor without issue.

L’Objet Haas Mojave Moon Table Lamp

If you have something more special in mind than a $20 lamp from Ikea, then how about spending two grand on a mushroom lamp? Obviously, most people are going to scoff at such a sum, but if this piece of art speaks to you then I’m not here to judge. This stunner was designed by LA-based brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas, who used the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree National Park as their muse. The lamp is crafted in delicate porcelain, with a relief depicting the desert and night sky unfolding across the base and shade.