September 25, 2022

If you plan to grow out your facial hair, then a beard trimmer is a necessity—and the best beard trimmers are intuitive and offer a range of settings for general hair trimming and precision touch-ups. Then again, what’s best for you and your beard preferences might be totally different than what’s best for the next guy.

What to Look for

In recent years, advances in rechargeable batteries have allowed for some cordless trimmers to run for hours on end. Many beard trimmers on the market also utilize blades that require very little upkeep — as a general rule: look for self-sharpening steel blades that don’t require oil before each use. Better yet, you want something that can rinse clean easily, making for a hygienic experience with each use.

Bottom line, you need a tool that has the right capabilities for your beard maintenance, whether it’s specific attachment heads, or a vast range of trimming increments for a fully customizable clean up. That’s the key word: The more customizable your options, the more you’ll get out of the device. Many trimmers come with interchangeable heads that allow you to clip stray hairs, cut clean lines, and define the borders of your cheeks and neck—that’s the customization you need.

And if you take those attachment heads off, will the device offer you a barely-there 5-o’clock shadow (or shorter), akin to an electric shave? While they won’t cut quite as close as the designated shaver or a razor, some trimmers even have swappable shaver heads to afford you both options. For the ingrown-prone or irritation-prone shaver, this is music to one’s ears (even if you’re just cleaning up the cheek and neck lines with that guardless trimmer head). But whether you’re using an e-shaver head or a toothy trimmer head, you want a tool that won’t nip at your skin or leave you reddened, making you anxious each time you use the device.

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Why You Should Get a Beard Trimmer Over a Regular Razor

Comparing a beard trimmer to a standard razor is more or less apples and oranges. The razor debate is one to be had with electric shavers, specifically, since both aim to give you a bare-face shave. And while beard trimmers are terrific for clipping you all the way down to a barely-there stubble (if you so please), what they are best at is offering you customization—and creative direction over your own face! You can have a bushier mustache and shorter cheek hairs, or sprout a Brad Pitt-esque goatee with a John Waters-esque pencil ‘stache (hey, just spitballing here). Or, you can maintain a perfectly uniform beard, of nearly any length.

“To keep the beard the desired length, trimming with an electric clipper and a guard is definitely the way to go,” Mike Gilman, the founder of Grooming Lounge, says.

How to Prevent Bald Patches While Trimming

Gilman offers this tip in order to get the most uniform, as-desired results from your trimmer: “It’s best to follow the grain of your facial hair growth while trimming,” he says. “This is usually a downward-facing trim, to a degree. Going against the grain and pushing too hard can leave bald patches.”

Questions to Consider First

When considering which beard trimmer is best for your needs, you need to ask yourself the following questions: When and where will you be using it? Are you maintaining the same beard you’ve had for years and just need a one-trick pony? Do you alternate between short and long styles and need a trimmer that offers a lot of variety? Will you use it to draw clean lines or even trim hair down to its shortest possible length? Will you take your trimmer on trips, or are you leaving it in a bathroom cabinet? Does it matter if it’s corded, or does it need to be chargeable? (And does a quick charge matter to you?) Will you ever want to trim your facial hair while showering? (Tell us how that works out, but hey, lots of guys apparently do this!) Finally, what’s your budget?

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No matter how you answered any of these questions, our picks have you covered. Find your go-to beard trimmer below.