September 25, 2022

Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes-Benz has already launched the new 2023 C-Class sedan. Now, the brand is unveiling the apex predator of the compact sedan lineup, the all-new 2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance. Mercedes is calling the AMG C 63 S E Performance “the dawn of new era.” And for once, that’s not marketing hyperbole. Mercedes-AMG swapped their trademark V8 with their engine of the immediate future: an outrageous 2.0-liter hybrid setup that generates even more power.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance — beyond it being a mouthful to say.

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The AMG C 63 S E Performance packs the world’s most powerful four-cylinder engine

Hearing “2.0-liter four-cylinder” seldom gets the pulse racing. But this is the craziest four-pot put into production. It pushes out an incredible 469 hp, more than the current-gen 5.0-liter V8 in the Ford Mustang GT.

That’s just the combustion part of the hybrid, too. The AMG C 63 S E Performance also has a 201 hp electric motor on the rear axle. Peak output is a maniacal 671 hp and 752 lb-ft of torque that will rocket the sport sedan from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and to a top speed of 174 mph.

The AMG C 63 S E Performance has rear-axle steering and a drift mode

The C 63 S E Performance draws on Formula 1 tech

You may not have realized this — after their run of seven consecutive F1 driver’s championships — but Mercedes-AMG is involved in F1. They have been (up until this season) the dominant power of the turbo-hybrid era. And Mercedes says this car draws on knowledge obtained through that racing series.

Specifically, the C 63 S E Performance employs a lightweight, high-performance 400-volt battery designed for quick power draws with a direct cooling system. The C 63 S E Performance also provides electric support to the turbocharger, eliminating lag.

The AMG C 63 S E Performance also will use regenerative braking with three different settings, including a mode for one-pedal driving like an electric car.

Mercedes will still try to make the AMG C 63 S E Performance sound like an AMG

If you think you’ll still miss that V8 sound, Mercedes-AMG will help the AMG C 63 S E Performance sound the part. External speakers that emit a warning sound for pedestrians will also be deployed “for a more advanced sound experience.” The noise will be “enriched” before it arrives into the cabin through the internal speakers.

Expect to see this new AMG next year

While Mercedes-Benz didn’t offer an exact on-sale date for the new C 63, the 2024 model year designation suggests it will go on sale in calendar year 2023 — which, believe it or not, is just three months and one week away. Here’s hoping it goes on sale early that year.