October 4, 2022

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Rolling trays are one of the first items that can level up your weed game. Gone are the days of using a plate or even worse, just right on the kitchen table with the crumbs to transport your weed from grinder to smoking vehicle. If you have money to buy massive amounts of reggie, you can spend a fraction of it on a rolling tray — and you should, as it will step up your game and make your rolling endeavors easier, faster, more convenient, and even potentially less wasteful.

Here are the rolling trays that combine fashion and function because your cannabis deserves only the best.

    Tips for Shopping for Rolling Trays

    Keep It Smooth

    No one wants to roll on a wonky, warped tray or one with random cracks and divots that eat your herb. Make sure the one you’re eyeballing is flat and smooth for better joints and less frustration.

    Raised Perimeter

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the old adage goes, and it definitely applies to the design of rolling trays. Lifted edges — which mostly every rolling tray has — prevents your herb from getting everywhere. And that means less waste.


    If you roll on too small of a tray, you’ll get cannabis all over your floor. Large trays, although giving you more space to roll, aren’t the most travel-friendly. Consider your needs, like how much you’ll be rolling and where before purchasing.

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    There are rolling trays that come with joint holders, space for your grinder, storage for your bud and a place for an ashtray. If you won’t need all that, stick to a tray with a simpler design. But if you’re a fiend for organization and you want to keep everything in one place, a partitioned tray might be your best bet.


    Rolling trays can be made of glass, acrylic, aluminum, ceramic, wood and much more. All of these options have different levels of durability and travel-friendliness, and they also differ in overall average quality and even price.

    The Best Rolling Trays