September 25, 2022

Over the last 15 years, Jason Markk has made a name for itself with best-in-class shoe care products. Now the brand is launching a premium hatcare line to help fans protect their favorite performance headwear, snapbacks and vintage pieces. Jason Markk knows that people need a specialized, trusted cleaning solution to maintain their hats for years to come, which is why the brand is launching a gentle yet effective cleaning kit that retails for just $25.

Within the kit, fans can find a Ready-To-Use Hat Cleaner and Premium Brush. This powerful duo can be used on cotton, wool, felt, corduroy, polyester and more. Additionally, the solution boasts “Ultimate Biodegradability” and was developed using the team’s years of insight and experience cleaning premium sneakers. As a result, the versatile product can be used on a wide range of materials to clean and protect your favorite hats. While the new products are easy to use, for step-by-step directions and tips, fans can follow along with the brand’s tutorials online. Shop the kit today at Jason Markk, Amazon and other approved retailers.

Price: $25


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