October 4, 2022

Pre-workout is one of those gray areas when it comes to supplements — either you swear by it or swear it off completely. This is mostly due to the lack of clear ingredients, synthetic additives and the overuse of “proprietary blends.” Many athletes turn to more natural alternatives to get that boost before training, like a shot of espresso — but there are other options as well for the more adventurous types.

Beet Heat is one such supplement flying in the face of traditional, citrusy pre-workouts. This vegan, non-GMO powder from NutraChamps harnesses the benefits of beet root juice to help with circulation, blood flow and overall performance. But would this natural alternative to our go-to go juice provide the pump we’re looking for?

To find out, I tested this powder over the span of a few weeks, opting for this supplement instead of my tried and trusted pre-workout coffee. While I’ve joined the crowd of anti-pre-workout performance, I’ve had my fair share of in-training experiences with the energy-boosting blends. Across multiple strength training workouts and a handful of rec sports competitions, I noted Beet Heat’s performance in terms of energy, pump and taste. Here’s what I found.

What’s Good About NutraChamps Beet Heat?

The energy jolt is just the right amount of boost.

With any pre-workout, you’re unsure of the energy enhancement until the first sip. Some can leave you wanting more, while others take a while to wear off. Thankfully, though, Beet Heat provided the perfect amount of jolt for my training needs. I didn’t feel jittery at all, but rather sustained and motivated as I lifted through my intended modalities. For days that I wanted a little pump to go with my power, I combined Beet Heat with NutraChamps’ Nitric Charge capsules for a nitric oxide boost that absolutely plumped my muscles, as well.

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As far as come-down, I tested Beet Heat before some evening training sessions, which in the past has been a time where I avoid all caffeine for improved sleep at the end of the night. Post-workout, I was still able to achieve a well-deserved slumber, even after consuming this natural pre-workout a few hours prior to hitting the hay.

The powder mixes easily with other supplements for a refreshing kickstart to the morning.

Once I found success with Beet Heat in training disciplines, I also gave it a shot at my morning routine in place of a traditional cup of coffee. I also take a handful of other supplements, including BPN’s Strong Greens and Strong Reds, so I like to try and get all my supplementation done in one fell swoop.

Beet Heat easily mixed with these other nutritional add-ons, and I felt the flavor didn’t overpower the concoction or start my day on a bad note. The energy boost I felt in training was also present throughout my mornings, without any crash or negative comedown. If you’re looking to decrease your caffeine levels yet still want that AM jolt, this could be a worthwhile option.

Ben Emminger

Ben Emminger

What’s Less Than Ideal About NutraChamps Beet Heat?

When taken individually, the flavor can be a bit to overcome.

Let’s just say, I’m happy I’m accustomed to eating beets. While NutraChamps does add a bit of cherry flavoring to this powder, thanks to the Super Reds Blend which includes tart cherry fruit concentrate, you still experience that earthy, root-like flavor of beet juice.

While it definitely flies in the face of other citrus-based pre-workouts on the market, it might not be the most appealing to everyone. Even I, an athlete that enjoys beets, took a few servings before getting used to the taste full-scale.

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Beet Heat needs to be refrigerated, which can place your supplement stacks in multiple areas.

NutraChamps recommends you refrigerate Beet Heat after opening the tub, which isn’t a negative outright — I completely understand that some supplements need more defined storage environments to reap the most performance. With that said, though, this is the first pre-workout I’ve used that required refrigeration, and I typically keep all of my supplements on the kitchen counter as a visual reminder of what I need to take in a day.

Keeping Beet Heat in the fridge removed the tub’s silhouette from that visual cue, which caused some extra thought to go into my normal routine, and thus, an extra step in my nutritional regimen. Is it a big negative? Absolutely not, but supplementation, nutrition and fitness in general is all about routine. One variant can make it difficult to maintain that efficient schedule, causing some “back to the drawing board” thoughts to pop up, momentarily.

NutraChamps Beet Heat: The Verdict

If you’re looking for a pre-workout alternative that can boost blood flow and heart health without the crash or comedown, Beet Heat can be a great option. At less than $26 for 60 servings, it can also be a more cost-effective pick than traditional energy-boosting supplements. Just be prepared for an earthier taste — and clear some space in the fridge — before you sign up for this otherwise impressive re-route of pre-training energy.