September 25, 2022

Modular furniture innovator Burrow has become one of the internet’s favorite sofa brands thanks to its simplicity. Its furniture is notoriously easy to customize and assemble, and until now, Burrow has offered just three sofa collections: the original mid-century-inspired Nomad, the more luxe Field and the Scandinavian-esque Range.

Today, Burrow is complicating matters just a tad by giving customers another option with their fourth sofa collection — and it’s the brand’s largest and plushest seating system yet.

Like its existing seating collections, Burrow’s Union Collection is modular. That means you’re not only able to customize your options at the time of purchase, but you can also expand or contract your sofa’s size in the future as your needs change. And with the Union Collection, you’ll be able to expand more than ever before, as it’s capable of growing larger than any other Burrow sofa to date.

The Union Collection essentially meets two needs that weren’t fully being met by Burrow’s current sofas: it offers a deeper and plusher seat than the other collections, along with a larger maximum size. (Both changes were based on customer feedback, as folks were apparently clamoring for a bigger Burrow.) Available in everything from a single-seat armchair to an eight-seat U-shaped sectional and ottoman, the largest Union sofa is nearly 20” wider than the equivalent Nomad sectional.

The Union Collection’s deep-set cushions are upholstered in polyester chenille that’s stain-resistant and easy to clean, and despite their larger size, all Union couches still ship free and assemble easily without any additional tools, just like the rest of Burrow’s seating systems. Burrow’s Union pieces are priced from $1,195 for an armchair to $7,290 for the previously-mentioned mammoth 8-seater. All are available to order now in four colors and a pair of leg finishes on Burrow’s website.

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