September 25, 2022

Aventon is one of the most popular names in the world of e-bikes, due in equal parts to its practical designs and affordable price points. (Finding an e-bike that is both functional and affordable is the Holy Grail we’re all chasing, right?) In pursuit of the perfect commuter e-bike, today the brand is releasing a new model that’s set to garner plenty of attention: the Level.2 E-Bike, a highly anticipated update to its flagship commuter bike.

What makes the Level.2 E-Bike exciting?

Aventon maxed out the functionality of their new e-bike, while managing to keep costs low. The primary upgrade to this everyday bike is the integrated torque sensor, a first for the brand. Aventon says its new e-bike is manufactured to match your efforts: the newly-integrated torque sensor syncs your pedal strokes with the 500Wh brushless hub motor, and translates that into a smoother ride, with more natural-feeling assistance.

What new features does the Level.2 E-Bike have?

On top of the new torque sensor, Aventon incorporated additional upgrades into the Level.2 E-Bike that it says will transform your daily commute from doldrum to downright fun. The Level.2 E-Bike comes stock with a full-color display that syncs with your apps, plus integrated lights, pre-installed accessories and a cushioned suspension fork. The Level.2 E Bike is available in a variety of colors, sizes and frame options, allowing riders to customize their bike to their needs.

Aventon’s new e-bike isn’t exactly light at 54 pounds, but the 6061 double-butted aluminum alloy frame is sturdy, and the 8-speed drivetrain allows for plenty of versatility on rides. The Level.2 E-Bike comes with front and rear fenders and a rear rack, so you can haul groceries or supplies with ease.

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How much does the Level.2 E-Bike cost?

Starting at $1,949, Aventon’s newest entry into the e-bike market is priced affordably enough to open up the category to a wide variety of riders.