October 4, 2022
  • Brand: Seiko
  • Product: SEIKO PROSPEX Save the Ocean Special Edition, SPB297
  • Price: $1,250
  • From: Seikoluxe.com

    Seiko’s Prospex Save the Ocean Series is a full slate of high-quality, durable dive watches with a lofty but earnest goal. The special collection was launched in 2018 and is updated periodically with a new marine inspired theme. Proceeds from sales are dedicated to the support of several different marine conservation initiatives. New for this year, is an interpretation of the 1965 diver’s watch, beloved by many. So, this particular Prospex watch ranks mega-high on the Altruism Scale, but how does it hold up to real-life adventure and wear?

    To test out Seiko’s Prospex Save the Ocean Special Edition, we tapped Nick LaVecchia, an accomplished photographer with an enthusiasm for nature. Nick LaVecchia grew up fascinated with the ocean – swimming, sailing, riding waves – and anything outdoors. As he traveled from adventure to adventure, photography became a storytelling tool toward which he naturally gravitated.

    LaVecchia spends more time in the water than on land; his recent work is shooting different forms of seaweed in the Atlantic. Moreover, he values comfort, style and usability most in his timepieces – who better to test out a Seiko Prospex? To document the thrills and hot takes, we joined LaVecchia in Maine as he tested out this watch.

    Nick LaVecchia

    Q: Describe your approach to photography?

    Nick LaVecchia: I’ve always taken the “less is more” approach, spending more time thinking about images before I go out to make that special one. Thoughtful and minimalist with a deep appreciation for nature, light and composition.

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    Q: What inspires you about the rugged Maine landscape?

    A: I am constantly inspired by the beautiful and raw landscape here: how the four seasons can shape and change that landscape year-round. This is what keeps me in constant awe visually. I’d be lost without the change of the seasons.

    Gear Patrol Studios

    Q: What do you love most about photographing the ocean?

    A: The ocean is my second home. It’s forever changing… so many moods and endless textures. I live for experiencing a huge winter storm on the ocean: blowing snow with a large angry sea, my camera, wetsuit and no tourists. That’s it.

    Q: You’re currently photographing Kelp. Are you working on a series?

    A: I’ve grown a love for a few things that I see every day in the ocean here in Maine. Buoys are one, and native seaweeds and grasses are another. Spending time swimming around, observing these things in their habitat throughout the year, documenting them when the time and light feel right. Taking notice of how they’ve grown into their environments and how nature has taken a hold of them as well. Both are an ongoing practice and study for me.


    Courtesy of Nick LaVecchia

    nick lavecchia wearing seiko watch

    Gear Patrol Studios

    nick lavecchia wearing seiko watch

    Gear Patrol Studios

    Q: Was the watch comfortable to wear while shooting?

    A: SPB297 was very comfortable wearing throughout the day in a number of different scenarios. I was able to transition from the studio and shooting on land into my wetsuit and then in the ocean seamlessly. No issues at all with the watch fitting comfortably with my wetsuit and camera housing.

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    Q: What was your first impression of the Seiko watch, and does anything, in particular, stand out about it?

    A: Stylish and high quality with attention to simple details and usability. The look and feel especially stand out: high-end and can dress up easily while being able to wear casually and not feel too overbearing or heavy.

    Who It’s For

    A good dive watch should be capable, durable and comfortable- this Prospex model ticks every box. SPB297 can be dressed up or down, so it is perfect for city slickers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Packing all the features you look for in a dive watch plus a slim fit and stunning dial, this timepiece is a versatile addition to any collection.


    With its competitive price, premium materials and comfortable fit, the Prospex Save the Ocean Special Edition gets a resounding yes from us. LaVecchia put his timepiece through many many hours of adventures both on and off the land, proving it to be a capable extreme-adventure buddy. And now that you know this model is linked to the Save the Ocean Campaign, your new Prospex is a purchase you can feel good about.

    Price: $1,250