September 25, 2022

For more of the latest and greatest product releases, check out our full collection of the best new gear.

This week, Amazon announced that its next big hardware event will take place next week — on September 28 — so get ready for some more Echo devices (as well as probably a lot of other gadgets). Some reviewers actually put the iPhone 14’s new crash detection feature to test. And we reviewed two of Apple’s newest gadgets, the Apple Watch Ultra and the AirPods Pro 2.

Additionally, a bunch of cool new gadgets were announced. Check ’em out below.

Victrola Stream Carbon

The Victrola Stream Carbon is the first turntable that works natively with an existing Sonos speaker system. It’s a collaboration between Victrola and Sonos and, after you set it up, it’ll appear in the Sonos app just like any other Sonos component; from there, you just group it with your other Sonos speakers are — boom — you’re rocking out to vinyl. There’s no extra components needed. In addition to working perfectly with Sonos, it’s also just a really gorgeous and high-end turntable.

Price: $799


Polaroid Players

Polaroid is temporarily jumping out of the realm of instant film cameras and into… portable Bluetooth speakers. That’s right, the company announced four different Bluetooth speakers — the P1 ($60), P2 ($130), P3 ($190) and P4 ($290) (from left to right: starting from the smallest and most affordable to the largest) — that each have a colorful-yet-retro flair.

They work like most other portable Bluetooth speakers (although none are rugged) but the kicker is that each works with the company’s new companion app (Polaroid Music), which allows them to stream a number of different radio stations.

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Price: $60 — $290


Meze Audio 109 PRO

The Meze Audio 109 Pro is the Romanian hi-fi company’s first pair of dynamic open-back headphones. They’re designed to be super lightweight and comfortable, but yet they’re also made with premium materials — like wood, steel and leather — so they’ll feel pretty lavish.

The 109 Pro are modeled after the company’s well-loved 99 Classics ($309), but they have an all-new beryllium coated dynamic driver that promises rich, detailed and accurate sound. At $799, they are open-back headphones for budding audiophiles looking to make the jump into the world of serious hi-fi.

Price: $799


Sony SRS-XV900

The Sony SRS-XV900 is the company’s newest Bluetooth party speaker, and it’s effectively a larger version of its existing SRS-XV700. At 58 pounds, it’s a far-cry from being classified as a “ultra-portable” speaker, but it does have a built-in battery (that gets up to 25 hours of playtime) so you can move it around your backyard as you see fit. It has multiple analog connections and can be used to power your other mobile devices. And yes, you can customize its built-in LEDs to light up however you see fit.

Price: $900


Mophie Powerstation Wireless Stand with MagSafe

This is Mophie’s newest portable power bank that doubles as a stand for your iPhone. It’s fully compatible with MagSafe, meaning it can fast charge any iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 at up to 15 watts. It has a 10,000-mAh capacity, which is enough to nearly double the battery life of your iPhone. Additionally, it has a USB-C PD input/output port that you can use to charge a second device along with your iPhone.

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(Mophie also announced updated models of its other portable powerbanks, including the powerstation mini, the powerstation and the powerstation pro XL.)

    Price: $130


    Focal Utopia (2022)

    Focal announced an upgraded version of the super high-end Utopia headphones that it first released in 2016. The new open-back cans have an updated and more lightweight design (the earcups also have a new honeycomb pattern on them), but they also boast improved sonic performance thanks to new M-shaped drivers and M-shaped grills that, according to the company, enable “even clearer and more accurate musical reproduction.” The only real downside is the Focal increased the price of the new models by about a grand.

    Price: $4,999


    Logitech Brio 500

    Logitech, one of the biggest names in external webcams, has announced the Brio 500. It’s effectively an updated version of the company’s c922 Pro. It delivers similar picture quality — 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps — but it does have a new ultra-wide lens and more advanced autofocusing capabilities that can automatically keep you in frame.

    The Brio 500 also has a built-in microphone and a privacy shutter, and it comes in three different colors. It’s positioned as a moderately affordable option for anybody looking to up their Zoom game (it’s also compatible with Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts) with upgrading to a more expensive 4K webcam.

    Price: $130


    Bowers & Wilkins 700 S3

    The Bowers & Wilkins 700 S3 is the company’s third-generation line of 700 series loudspeakers. The line includes a total of eight loudspeakers — including three floor-standing speakers, three stand-mounted speakers and two center-channel speakers — and they all borrow technologies of the company’s high-end line of 800 Series Diamond speakers, but deliver them in a slightly more accessible package.

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    Price: $1,500 (center-channel) — $7,000 (floor-standing)


    DJI Osmo Mobile 6

    DJI announced the Osmo Mobile 6, its latest handheld gimbal designed to help you take more stabilized photos and videos with your smartphone. This sixth-generation model has a couple marked improvements over its predecessors. It has a new wheel control on the side of the handle that can help you quickly zoom-in (or out) and focus on your subject.

    There’s a new “quick launch” feature that, as the name gives away, will help you quickly launch to the DJI camera app so that you can get shooting faster than before. And there’s a new status panel screen that’ll more easily show you how much battery the gimbal has left.

    Price: $159